The Best Coffee Shop In Missouri Revealed

The Coffee Ethic

Review: Missouri’s Best Coffee – The Coffee Ethic

The Coffee Ethic which is declared as the best coffeehouse in Missouri by business insider is a coffee shop that is based in Springfield. The Coffee Ethic is an independent café which offers locally produced pastries, direct trade coffee drinks, chocolates, single origin coffee and micro-brewed beers on tap. Some thought beer and coffee might be an unlikely combination served at the coffee café but Coffee Ethic has done well in attracting customers with it. The Coffee Ethic which is also locally known as “The Ethic” is a famous hangout and work-site for local designers, entrepreneurs, software developers and videographers and has become a famous place for idea generation. Not only business insider but Zagat has also praised its performance and declared it a must-try coffee shop in Missouri.

The Coffee Ethic offers a wide range of Single-origin coffees roasted on location, just like any other great café does in other parts of the world. Their Curtis Gold Cup Brewer prepares each cup that is made to order. One can expect unique flavors in their single-origin selection. Also their representation of particular growing regions and their seasonal availability are part of the selection to make great coffee. The espresso drinks come in a variety which includes Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha and Americano. Their Cappuccino has gained wide popularity and is considered a must-try drink. Other drinks include Loose Leaf Teas, Frappes, Chai Latte, Smoothies and Hot chocolate. No wonder Coffee Ethic is the number one spot for delicious beverages with such wide variety!

But besides their great beverages, one is forced to admire the principles which Coffee Ethic adheres to. They believe that one has to be sincere with the coffee cup, people and earth we live in. To live up to their words, they source the highest quality coffee they can find. They believe in art and science of brewing and therefore cultivate an environment that accentuates the entire coffee experience. It’s the people power that makes the difference in creating great coffee and Coffee Ethic understands this and serves the growers, suppliers, vendors, customers, employees and the community in the best possible manner. Lastly, The Coffee Ethic desires to be a sustainable enterprising business and is committed to implement processes and purchase products that are reusable, renewable or recyclable. A formidable example can be seen in their furniture and some of the décor which is made from recycled wood.