The Best Coffee Shop in Virginia Revealed

Cafe Moka ranked the best coffee shop in Virginia

Cafe Moka ranked the best coffee shop in Virginia, Find Out Why?

Are you looking for a top rated coffee house in Virginia? Where you can sit-back, relax and enjoy the best coffee ever. Well, Café Moka is the way to go! This is the place for all the coffee fanatics out there in VA. From the minute you enter the café you know it is not just an average coffee shop.
Cafe Moka in Virginia Beach is a coffee fan’s dream! It is located at lynnhaven Parkway. This awesome coffee shop brew’s their own coffee and espresso to excellence. They can please the coffee lovers who like it light and sweet, and they can satisfy the ones who like it dark and strong. Coffee connoisseurs here are impressed by their coffee brewing methods. This coffee shop is highly recommended.
If you have toured Europe and miss the taste of real coffee, then your search is over. They use American coffee beans but they truly take pride in their coffee. They serve unique blends. They also offer classes. Best of all, as soon as you open the door a puff of fresh coffee punches you right in the face.

It is a very clean coffee shop in a small shopping center below some apartments. The outdoor is very ordinary. But the inside takes you to a whole new world of coffee greatness. It has shaded windows that make it feel homier. The seating is also nice and comfortable, half booth half chairs. The well-ordered repurposed furniture, old wood-look on the walls and wall hangings make this place beautiful.
The coffee snobs of the world will be impressed by their wide selection of coffee/espresso offerings and brewing techniques. They offer about five different ways to brew your coffee. However, if you are not a big coffee fan, Moka still has something to offer. They also offer delicious array of fruit smoothies. Their desserts are to die for. Some of their delicious coffees are: Aeropress, Chemex, French press, Siphon and Yama. If you are in mood for something sweet then treat yourself with their Roasted Hazelnut Frozen Latte,Toasted S’more Latte, White Chocolate Moka or Cafe Caribbean Latte. The prices are decent plus the quality and quantity is on point. The coffee sizes are perfect and they serve the right amount of coffee.
Their coffee is smooth. It is a great place that fully exemplifies the coffee culture. The space is perfect for working or just hanging out and reading a book.One of the best coffee shops in VA.

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Cafe Moka ranked best coffee shop in Virginia: Live Music Video

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