The Best Coffee Shop in North Carolina Revealed

Waking Life Espresso ranked the best coffee shop in North Carolina

Waking Life ranked the best coffee shop in North Carolina. Find out why?

Waking life has the privilege to become the best coffee house in North Carolina and the owner of the company is an absolute coffee geek how loves to make and teach coffee to the coffee enthusiasts. Waking life started its operations for West Asheville café on November 23rd 2009. The owner brought nine years of coffee experience to his own coffeehouse which taught him never to purchase inferior, over-roasted coffee and to always invest in quality equipment. Waking life also tries not to spend exuberantly on expensive point-of-sale system which greatly helps in their bottom line.

Waking life was never a fan of cold brew. There were times when they cold brewed their coffee but then they realized that these off-flavors were caused by insufficient extraction. Coffee needs hot water to thrive and with agua caliente comes a wondrous sparkling brightness, sweetness, and a clean mouth feel. So they were interested in getting these characteristics in an iced coffee. They found that they were unable to cool hot coffee in the fridge and they also couldn’t cool it quickly Japanese-style with ice. So this became a predicament for them but the answer came soon enough by the name of Flash Chilling which is a bit of beer technology and heat exchange to cool the extracted hot coffee in a quick fashion. After doing this they were satisfied with the results in the form of their best beverage by the name of Flash Chilled Iced Coffee. It’s clean, sweet, floral, juicy, and huge – everything a coffee cherry is, and everything an iced coffee should be.

Waking Life Coffee Shop Drink’s Cost

Some other great drinks found at Waking Life include Espresso or Americano with Hambela DP costing $2. Also there are some great iced beverages as well which include Flash Chilled, Flash Nitro, Flash Dream and Espresso & Milk costing $3, $4, $5 and $4 respectively.

One of the best things about Waking Life café is that it only hires smart self-learners and self-starters. For this particular reason, they don’t hesitate in paying their employees well above minimum wage. Waking life has accomplished a lot but still they are continuously embarking on their coffee journey with innovation and commitment. Great design, excellent branding, hospitality, scientific precision, transparency, sustainability, fairness are not just some writing on the wall for them but it’s their creed with which they’ve lived by so far and seek a bright future as well.

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