The Best Coffee Shop In Arizona Ranked – 2017

The Best Coffee Shop In Arizona Ranked - 2017

Best Coffee Shop In Arizona

If you live in Arizona or you are planning to visit you’ll want to make sure that you take some time out and visit the Hillside Spot coffee shop. If you are looking for a great local cafe that is more than a coffee shop but a coffee bar that serves fresh pastries, breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as beer and wine, Hillside Spot coffee shop would be your one stop spot for just about everything. It’s local flare and their appreciation for their customers in one of the reasons why we chose Hillside Spot coffee shop as the Best Coffee Shop in Arizona.

Hillside Spot Cafe Ranked Best In Arizona

Hillside Spot Cafe Ranked Best In Arizona


Hillside Spot coffee shop is a cafe that engulfs the Southwestern environment that surrounds it and they pride themselves on providing their customers with great coffee and a wonderful food experience. There motto is “Keep it Local” and they do all that they can to try and utilize as many of the local vendors as well as farmers in the area in order to fulfill their needs as a coffee shop. Some of Hillside Spot coffee shop’s local vendors include Schreiner’s who provides their sausage, La Sonorense who provide their telera bread and tortillas. They receive their fresh breads from MJ’s, fresh herbs and veggies come from Maya’s Farms which is a community supported agriculture program. They also make sure that their coffee is always roasted by locals and local breweries such as Four Peaks, San Tan and Oak Creek provide them with their beers. Keeping it local is one of the reasons why Hillside Spot coffee shop became the best coffee shop in Arizona.

Hillside Spot: Outdoor seating & cozy interior

Hillside Spot Cafe: Outdoor seating & cozy interior

Everything about Hillside Spot coffee shop screams Southwest from their lovely outdoor seating area to their cozy interior that is welcoming, clean and is filled with friendliness and great service. It’s important to the owners of Hillside Spot cafe that their coffee shop and cafe is one that will not only make the locals happy but will also be a delight for those visiting the area. They want to make sure that everyone feels at home when they visit their coffee shop. This is part of the reason why most visitors even rank Hillside Spot coffee shop to be the best coffee shop in Arizona.

Hillside Spot provides a fresh independent feel

Hillside Spot coffee shop provides a fresh independent feel

Their first focus for Hillside Spot Cafe was to make sure that they brought a new and fresh independent feel to breakfast. Before long however, they expanded by adding a Sonoran style menu along with expanded wine and beer lists for their customers to enjoy. They want their foods to always contain as many local ingredients as they possibly can. Their food is prepared fresh and simply and they love to offer their customers as many in house made items as they can. You will realize why the Hillside Spot coffee shop is ranked the best coffee shop in Arizona, when you try one of their delicious menu items.

The Best Coffee Shop In Arizona 2017

Hillside Spot Secret To Amazing Food – Fresh Ingredients

To ensure that all of Hillside Spot cafe’s ingredients are always fresh they refuse to have a freezer or even a microwave on hand, this way all of their ingredients they need for serving delicious food to their customers are delivered every day. This feature alone sets apart Hillside Spot Cafe from its competition and gives the top place on our ranking of the best coffee shops in Arizona.

Hillside Spot uses a custom made mesquite rotisserie & grill.

For their meats they use a mesquite rotisserie and grill that was custom made for Hillside Spot coffee shop, the best coffee shop in Arizona. This rotisserie for the Hillside Spot coffee shop produces great tasting pulled pork, carne asad, pollo asado and of course great tasting hamburgers. Hillside Spot cafe also makes sure that their beef is freshly ground on-site each and every day so that when they serve their hamburgers and other ground beef dishes will always be as fresh tasting as possible.

Hillside Spot Cafe: Bakes scones, pastries, cookies, muffins & cakes daily.

Hillside Spot coffee shop the best coffee shop in Arizona also believes in baking their own scones, pastries, cookies, muffins and cakes from scratch daily and this is one of the things that most locals and visitors alike truly enjoy about Hillside Spot cafe. Even their french fries are made from whole potatoes and take hours to prepare before the customer gets to eat them.

Get your lunch quickly at Hillside Spot.

Hillside Spot coffee shop also understands their local lunch crowd. They realize that they only have so much time to spend on lunch so they put a very special emphasis on making sure that the local working class gets their lunch quickly to accommodate their often very busy work schedules. However, if you are a customer that’s in absolutely no hurry to go anywhere, the staff at Hillside Spot coffee shop will never make you feel like you need to hurry up and get out of the way for others. They love to see customers hanging around and enjoying their food and visiting with friends and family and they will encourage you to take it easy and enjoy. The main goal of Hillside Spot coffee shop is to make sure that they give their customers very high-quality food that is served in a friendly gathering place that’s part of the local community. This is part of the reason the locals also rank Hillside Spot coffee shop as The Best Coffee Shop In Arizona.

Craft Beer Movement – Popular at Hillside Spot

Hillside Spot coffee shop doesn’t just serve great tasting coffee and some of the freshest food in town, but they also love to be able to help support the Craft Beer movement that’s so popular now. If you are in the mood for a great burger and a delicious mug of beer you’ll find that here at this cafe. Not only are all of their burgers fresh ground, never frozen and only cooked on their mesquite grill, they have more than 100 craft beers that you can choose from to go along with one of their great burgers. Cheers for the best coffee shop in Arizona.

Hillside Spot Coffee Shop’s Outdoor Patio

You’ll love their outdoor patio that is comfortable and truly lets you know you’re in the Southwest. There are plenty of tables to sit down at and enjoy the company of family and friends with it’s cozy outdoor fireplace. If you’re a dog lover, you’ll like the fact that their patio is dog friendly and your furry friend is more than welcome to visit. We guarantee that even your pets will agree that Hillside Spot coffee shop is the best coffee shop in Arizona.

The Best Coffee Shop In Arizona 2017

Everyday is special at Hillside Spot Coffee Shop – Secret Of Success Of The Best Coffee Shop In Arizona.

The Hillside Spot Coffee Shop truly loves to celebrate their customers and one way they do that is by offering them three different special days of the week:

  • Wine Wednesdays – Each Wednesday of every week Hillside Spot Coffee Shop loves to celebrate the delicious craft of wine. They enjoy inviting the locals to come join them on Wednesday nights to enjoy a variety of different wine features and also enjoy the fact that their wine list is half off on Wednesdays.
  • Craft Beer Thursdays – On Thursdays its all about beer, beer, and more beer at the Hillside Spot Cafe. The locals love the huge variety of craft beers that the Hillside cafe has to offer and this is why Thursdays is set up to celebrate the great tasting beers along with the friendship they feel they have with their customers.
  • Friday Night Fish and Chips – This is a special night at Hillside Spot for all who love fish and well, beer. Each Friday night they offer up their own beer battered fish combined with their homemade “chips”. They just need to add a mug of craft beer and malt vinegar to the mix and the customer is set.

Hillside Spot Coffee Shop Not Just A Cafe But More

Hillside is not just a typical coffee shop or coffee house that pays more attention to fancy hot beverages. Instead they focus a lot on their full service dining experience that they offer everyone that walks in the door. Not only do you get to be served by great employees you can also order food ahead of time and then pick it up so you can take it home and enjoy it in the privacy and comfort of home. Their menu is filled with really great tasting and even exciting dishes for customers to choose from. Hillside prides themselves on the fact that each order is made to order and is always 100% fresh each and every day. For those who love breakfast at all times of the day, Hillside is a cafe that takes that to heart and they serve their breakfast from open to close. They also serve up great lunches, dinner and even a Happy Hour.

Hillside Spot Online Menu Coming Soon

The Best Coffee Shop In Arizona’s secret to success: Although they do not offer a menu online yet they do have a wide variety of dishes that you will enjoy discovering. For example they offer up weekly specials like the following:

  • Chicken Tortilla Soup – This is made with fresh made chicken broth with rotisserie chicken, celery and carrots that’s garnished with some avocado, cilantro, and strips of tortillas.
  • Mac & Cheese – This is a homemade dish that is filled with fire roasted chilies and chorizo.
  • Spinach Crimini Mushroom Salad – This is a nice salad with spinach and crimini mushrooms and is tossed with fried goat cheese and a honey balsamic vinaigrette.
  • BBQ Brisket Sandwich – This is a sandwich filled with smoked brisket smothered in BBQ sauce served on a telera bun and served with fresh made cole slaw.

Hillside Spot Happy Hour

Hillside Spot coffee shop’s Happy Hour that is offered Monday through Friday is simple yet is enjoyable if you are out with a few friends having a good time. Here’s what you can expect from the Hillside Spot Coffee Shop’s Happy Hour menu:

  • Select glasses of wine $3 off
  • Draft, bottle and canned craft beer $2 off
  • Bottle of win 15% off
  • Chips & Salsa $1
  • Chips & Guacamole $5
  • Open Faced Grilled Cheese $4
  • Nachos $5
  • Frico Cheese Crisp $5
  • Three Grazers $10

The Best Coffee Shop In Arizona 2017

Hillside Spot: Breakfast Menu

Their breakfast menu is one that will make you happy with some wonderful things to choose from. Here are just a few things that they have to offer on their all day breakfast menu try them and you will realize why the Hillside Spot coffee shop is ranked the best coffee shop in Arizona for 2017:

  • Mia’s Homemade Pancakes $6.50
  • Hit the Spot Pancakes (filled with bananas, caramel, candied peanuts and whipped cream) $8.00
  • Pancakes with Warm Apple Compote $7.50
  • Sweet Crepes (filled with honey, strawberries and Nutella) $7.50
  • Savory Crepes (filled with ham, gruyore cheese and savory sauce) $8.00
  • Farmers Omelette (four eggs filled with spinach and other seasonal veggies and choice of toast or seasonal fruits) $7.50
  • El Jefe Omelette – (four eggs filled with chorizo, potatoes, sauted mushrooms, roasted bell peppers, spinach and manchego cheese and choice of toast or seasonal fruits) $8.50
  • Huevos Rancheros Verde (two fried eggs with green ranchero sauce, oaxaca, cotija cheeses and flour tortillas that’s served with fruit and hash browns) $9.00
  • Hillside Chorizo Scramble (scrambled eggs with chorizo served with refried beans and topped with oaxaca cheese and served with tortillas and ranchero sauce) $9.50
  • MJ’s Levain & Lox (lox, capers, chives, crème fraiche, lemon served open face on rustic levain) $9.00

Hillside Spot: Lunch & Dinner Menu

You won’t be disappointed with their lunch and dinner menu either. Here are just a few of the freshly made items you can expect from the Hillside Spot Coffee Shop. Try these delicious & amazing looking dinner menu items at the Hillside Spot Coffee Shop and you will also agree that The Best Coffee Shop In Arizona is truly the Hillside Spot Coffee Shop:

Hillside Spot: Lunch & Dinner Menu

  • Baked Chicken Cacciatore (this half of their mesquite rotisserie chicken with penne pasta in a mushroom hunter sauce with a blend of cheeses served with rustic levain) $14
  • Homestyle Pasta (bowl of penne pasta with mushroom hunter sauce and a blend of cheeses served with rustic levain) $12 (add $2 for chicken, $3 for shrimp, and $5 for salmon)

top coffee shop in Arizona

  • Carne Asada (this is their signature marinated and sliced rib eye steak with salsa) $9.50
  • Pollo Asado (this is a marinated dish in a citrus olive oil and is cooked on their mequite rotisserie/grill with salsa) $9.50

the best coffee shop in Arizona is Hillside

  • Mercado Veggie (local and seasonal veggies that are fried in olive oil with a little bit of soy sauce) $8.50
  • Quesadilla (made with oaxaca cheese with salsa) $6 (add $2 for chicken, $3 for shrimp or pork, and $4 carne asada)

The Best Coffee Shop In Arizona 2017

Hillside Spot ranked best in Arizona

Hillside Spot Coffee Shop: Location & Contact

Address: 4740 E Warner Road, Phoenix, AZ 85044

Phone: 480-705-7768

Website: Hillside Spot


Hillside Spot Coffee Shop: Hours of Operation

Monday – Sunday

6:30 am to 9:00 pm

Hillside Spot Coffee Shop: Other Attractions

While you’re visiting the Phoenix area there are quite a few things that you can do after you’ve had a delicious meal at the Hillside Spot coffee shop. Phoenix is far more than just a “resort life”. Here are a few things you might want to check out after your done reading our list of The Best Coffee Shop In Arizona 2017:

  • Camel-back Mountain (free) – This is the highest mountain peak found in Phoenix. It’s the most scenic spot in the area for hiking. It has incredible views of both Phoenix and Scottsdale. If you are a beginning hiker they even have several different beginner-friendly ones that circle the base of Camel-back.
  • Phoenix Zoo – This is a wonderful place to take your kids and enjoy nature. There are a variety of trails that go through different habitats on it’s 125 acres. It has a variety of animals that include baboons, Asian elephants, Sumatran tigers, Komodo dragons, Galapagos tortoises and much more. They also offer a Desert Botanical Gardens in the Papago Park run by the zoo and is a must see for all nature lovers. Adults $24.95 Kids (3-13) $14.95
  • Pueblo Grande Museum and Cultural Park – If you are a history and/or archaeology buff then this should be a must see for you when visiting Phoenix. It features ruins of an old Hohokam village that once nearly 1,000 people would have called home and tells of the mystery of their disappearance in about 1450 AD. You can wander through old homes left behind, play areas, facilities used for storage and even cemeteries. You also be able to see a variety of artifacts that have been found. Adults $6 and Children (6-17) $3

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