The Best Coffee Shop in Colorado Ranked 2017

The Best Coffee Shop in Colorado Ranked 2017

Best Coffee Shop In Colorado

Visiting Colorado can be an experience on it’s own, but if you are looking for an adventure in both coffee and food you won’t have to go much further Colorado’s Duffeyroll Cafe Bakery. This is a unique little cafe and coffee shop that is distinct because of it’s Duffeyrolls. These special rolls is one of the main reasons we came to the decision to name Colorado’s Duffeyroll Cafe Bakery the Best Coffee Shop in Colorado. They may not have the biggest coffee menu or regular menu around but their hand rolled Duffeyrolls make the journey to this cafe well worth it! The Duffeyroll is a delicious treat that has turned into a true tradition in Colorado.

Duffeyroll Cafe Bakery Ranked No. 1

Duffeyroll Cafe Bakery Ranked No. 1

Colorado’s Duffeyroll Cafe Bakery was first established in 1986 and it began with one little building that quickly became a popular neighborhood hangout the kind of a place where the locals and visitors alike sit down to enjoy some really tasty food along with a very warm and friendly atmosphere created by those who work there, the environment of the cafe itself and the people who frequent it.

Duffeyroll Cafe Baker: The Story

Duffeyroll Cafe Baker: The Story

According to a story that has been past down for over 30 years now, they say there was an oilman who was drinking in a bar contemplating if his ship would ever stop sinking. It was springtime and he wasn’t doing so well and didn’t see much prosperity on the horizon. Jim Duffey, the oilman was said to be looking up to order himself another drink from Nicolai the bartender, had no idea that this bartender would soon be his brother in heart and well, his partner.

the best coffee shop in Colorado 2017 - Duffeyroll cafe and bakery

The Team Of The Best Coffee Shop In Colorado

Something drew the two together and soon they formed a team that was extremely intent on going after that “American Dream”. This led to Jim sharing one of his favorite recipes with Nicolai and the two of them teamed up with the odds not in their favor. They went around with pushcarts that were full of the yet unknown Duffeyroll and started introducing themselves and this delicious treats to the people of Denver.

The Secret Weapon: Duffey’s”ROLLS”

Secret Of The Best Coffee Shop In Colorado: Rolls

Secret Of The Best Coffee Shop In Colorado: Rolls

It didn’t take long for the residents to realize these were the best cinnamon rolls in town and the two men knew that they had passed their first test. This gave them the will and drive to move on and build their own bakery.

The Best Coffee Shop In Colorado's First Location

The Best Coffee Shop In Colorado’s First Location

Their first cafe and bakery was built in Happy Canyon in 1986. The shopping center where they decided to open up was only half full and at that time the economy was in pretty bad shape as well. However, they had extreme confidence in their really unique recipe and with tireless enthusiasm and their total commitment to giving everyone great service they overcame the odds.

Duffeyroll Cafe Bakery: Roll Patrol

Best Coffee Shop In Colorado's Unique "Roll Patrol"

Best Coffee Shop In Colorado’s Unique “Roll Patrol”

Soon they came up with the idea to create what they called the “Roll Patrol” and for four years from 1993 to 1997 they went around the streets of the Denver Tech Center with their Duffeyrolls and introducing them to more and more people. This turned into their own catering and delivery service of these unique cinnamon rolls.

Duffeyroll Cafe – Bake-@-Home

Duffeyrolls Cafe & Bakery: Bake At Home

Duffeyrolls Cafe & Bakery: Bake At Home

Shortly after that experience they decided to start up a “Bake at Home” program where they started introducing their special Duffeyrolls in bake at home pans. People could pick up pre-made Duffeyrolls in baking pans they could take home, pop in the oven and enjoy hot and delicious Duffeyrolls in the comfort of their own homes.

Duffeyroll Cafe Expands

Best Coffee Shop In Colorado: The Expansion

Best Coffee Shop In Colorado: The Expansion

Once their original cafe/coffee shop bakery was beginning to overflow with locals demanding more and more of their delicious food they then opened up a second coffee shop and bakery on Old South Pearl Street in Denver in 2005. This was something that made the people very happy and once they realized that they decided in 2010 to open up yet another location for even more people to enjoy Duffeyrolls.

Best Coffee Shop In Colorado: 25th Anniversary

Best Coffee Shop In Colorado: 25th Anniversary

Finally after they celebrated their 25th Anniversary and a wonderful updated and tasty menu they began to take their vintage 1963 Vokswagen van cruising around the Denver metro area and also would make appearances at special events and special venues all over. This led them to keep on baking and open up a fourth location where they find themselves at today.

Duffeyroll Cafe – Veggie Roonie Sandi

Duffeyroll Coffee Shop & Bakery: Rolls & More...

Duffeyroll Coffee Shop & Bakery: Rolls & More…

Not only can you enjoy Jimmy and Nickolai’s now legendary Duffeyrolls but you can also enjoy great tasting coffee and some pretty good food items on their menu.

Duffeyroll Order Counter

Enjoy awesome food at the best coffee shop in Colorado

Enjoy awesome food at the best coffee shop in Colorado

Their cafe menu is one that features all fresh baked goods and even a full service espresso bar all made with premium whole bean coffee. Customers can enjoy grilled breakfast sandwiches and wraps and even made to order lunches that really satisfy your hunger. All items on their menu are made from fresh ingredients.

The Best Coffee Shop In Colorado 2017

Duffeyroll Cafe Video

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Duffeyroll Cafe: The Menu

Duffeyroll Cafe: The Menu

Here’s what you can expect from Colorado’s Duffeyroll Cafe Bakery when you open up their menu:


To Order Duffeyroll Cafe Bakery’s Bake At Home Pans Click Here

(All hand rolled and prepared every day and they offer you a choice from six different delicious glaze toppings: Original, Zesty Orange, English Toffee, Mountain Maple, Irish Cream and Pecanilla Crunch.)

Single Duffeyroll – $2.50

Box O’ Six – $10.50

Box O’ Twelve – $19.75

Mini Duffeyroll – $1.25

Mini Duffeyroll Trio – $3.15

Mini Box O’ Six – $6.25

Mini Box O’ Twelve – $10.50

Pecan Sticky Bun – $3.99

Pecan Sticky Bun Box O’ Six – $20.99

Pecan Sticky Bun Box O’ Twelve – $38.99

The best coffee shop in Colorado duffeyroll cafe bakery menu


(All come with a mini Duffeyroll and choice of grilled rosemary ciabatta roll, pesto wrap or a baguette.)

Morning Ham (Ham, Swiss cheese, scrambled eggs topped with chipotle mayo.) – $6.99

Bakin Sun (Bacon, Cheddar cheese, avocado, scrambled eggs topped with chipotle mayo.) – $6.99

Snappy Sausage (Sausage patty, Pepper Jack cheese, tomato, scrambled eggs, spinach topped with chipotle mayo.) – $6.99

Naked Nellie (Just scrambled eggs, bacon, Cheddar cheese, spinach, tomato and avocado but no bread.) – $6.99

Veggie Roonie (Includes Pepper Jack cheese, tomato, avocado, crambled eggs, spinach and topped with chipotle mayo.) – $6.99

For a lighter breakfast they also offer:

Yoganola Fruit Parfait (Strawberries, peaches, blueberries, vanilla yogurt with some granola.) $3.99

Organic Oatmeal (This is organic oats with pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, craisins, dried blueberries and either topped with honey or cinnamon brown sugar.) – $2.99

coffee shop 2017


(All come with a pickle and a mini Duffeyroll.)

Extra Choices for $.50 more include: chips, avocado, cheese, bacon, spinach, lettuce and tomato.

Turkey Swiss (Sliced natural turkey breast, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato topped with Honeycup mustard on a toasted Rustic Baquette or Wheat Berry bread.) $8.95 W $4.95 H

Nick Turkey (Sliced natural turkey breast, Havarti cheese, spinach, cranberry chutney, Honeycup mustard served on a toasted Rustic Baquette.) $8.95 W $4.95 H

Peppy Turkey Club (Sliced natural roasted turkey breast, Pepper Jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado topped with chipotle mayo on a toasted Cheddar Jalapeno Baquette.) $8.95 W $4.95 H

Ham About Town (Uncured Ham, Havarti cheese, bacon, Granny Smith apple, Honeycup mustard on a toasted Rustic Baquette.) $8.95 W $4.95 H

Mo’ Betta BLT (Made with bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, Cheddar cheese, topped with chipotle mayo on a toasted Cheddar Jalapeno Baquette.) $8.95 W $4.95 H

Cheddar Tunacado (Made with white albacore tuna salad, Cheddar cheese and avocado served on lettuce greens or on a toasted Cheddar Jalapeno Baquette.) $8.95 W $4.95 H

PecanCran Chicken Salad (Chicken salad, cranberries, pecan, lettuce that’s served on your choice of lettuce greens or on a toasted Rustic Baquette or Croissant.) $8.95 W $4.95 H


Turkey Avocado Wrap (Made with oven roasted turkey, lettuce, avocado, Swiss cheese, tomato and topped with chipotle mayo on a grilled pesto wrap.) $8.50 add bacon for $2.00

Chopped Salad (Made with Romaine lettuce, turkey, ham, bacon, tomato, avocado and Cheddar cheese served with Ranch dressing.) $11.95

Spinach Salad ( Made with spinach, chicken, bacon, cranberries, pecans, Swiss cheese, a hard boiled egg and served with Balsamic Vinaigrette.) $12.95

Brewster Chicken Salad (Made with spinach, chicken, Havarti cheese, diced apples, craisins and sunflower seeds topped with Poppyseed dressing.) $11.95


(A different daily soup every day.)

Cup of Soup – $3.99

Bowl of Soup – $5.99


Lunch Special 1 (Half Sandwich of your choice & Cup of Soup) – $7.75

Lunch Special 2 (Half Salad but no chicken & Cup of Soup) – $8.75


Don’t forget to add a delicious cup of coffee or iced tea brewed fresh in-house. You love adding a beverage to their legendary Duffeyrolls. All of their coffees are Arabica and all call from the best coffee growing areas from all over the world. They are then roasted locally and ground fresh each day. At their coffee and espresso bar you can choose from the following:

  • Cappuccinos
  • Lattes
  • Mochas
  • Chai Tea
  • Ghirardeli Hot Cocoa
  • Brewed Coffees
  • Espressos

All of their espresso bar drinks come with a free mini Duffeyroll.

duffeyroll cafe bakery bake at home


They also love to deliver their delicious food and Duffeyrolls and will accommodate those who call in for same day orders.

Delivery Charges – $13.00 flat rate for 1-3 miles, $18.00 flat rate for 3-7 miles, $25.00 flat rate for 7-10 miles and $10.00 for Downtown Denver.

The Best Coffee Shop In Colorado 2017

The Best Coffee Shop In Colorado Duffeyroll cafe and bakery

Location and Contact Information

Duffeyroll Cafe Bakery #1

Happy Canyon Shopping Center

Address: 4994 E. Hampden Ave (half mile west of I-25)

Phone: 303-753-9177

Serves: DTC and South Denver

Duffeyroll Cafe Bakery #2

Pearl/Louisiana Light Rail Station

Address: 1290 S. Pearl St. (I-25 at Washington Exit)

Phone: 303-953-6890

Serves: Central Denver

Duffeyroll Cafe Bakery #3

Brookridge Shopping Center

Address: 5198 S. Broadway (at E. Belleview)

Phone: 303-996-5900

Serves: Southwest Denver

Duffeyroll Cafe Bakery #4


Address: 1601 Blake (at 16th St. Mall)

Phone: 303-623-0654

Serves: Downtown Denver

Duffeyroll Cafe Bakery #5


Address: 5198 South Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113

Phone: 303-996-5900

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The Best Coffee Shop In Colorado 2017

Other Attractions In Colorado

If you are new to Denver you might want to take in some of the sites once you have satisfied your taste buds from the Best Coffee Shop in Colorado. Here are just a few things you might want to check out while visiting.

  • Denver Botanic Gardens – There is so much to see at this botanic garden it would take you more than a day to see it all. One spot to check out is York Street. Here there is a variety of gardens on 24 ares that show the wide diversity of plants that come from all over the world. You’ll find the Gardens of the West that has 18 different arid gardens that show off all the plants that can thrive in Colorado. Then there’s the Internationally Inspired Gardens that display different plants and flowers from Japan, South Africa, China and the Tropics. The Ornamental Gardens are full of color and include day lilies, irises and roses along with annual spring flowers. Their Shady Gardens give a place for people to enjoy and linger around on warmer days. There are plenty of beautiful colors and textures that give habitats to insects and birds. Finally there’s the Water Gardens where there is a nice collection of aquatic plant life that includes water lilies, water platters, cannas and lotus. For more info on these gardens and all the other things they have to offer you can call 720-865-3501.
  • Mount Evans – Mount Evans is nearby and offers scenic byways and it climbs over 7,000 feet in just 28 miles and reaches 14,130 feet in it’s 49 mile trip that takes two hours. This is probably one of the best places to get a good look at the bighorn sheep of Colorado. Just be aware that the weather can be volatile all year round with wind, lightning, rain, hail and snow any time of the year.
  • The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception is a beautiful cathedral that serves nearly 500,00 Catholics located in 144 parishes and missions all through northern Colorado. This cathedral is located in Denver and is visited by locals and visitors alike. The architecture of this cathedral is amazing and it has a vaulted ceiling that rises 68 feet above it’s sloping nave. Some of the finest Carrara marble shipped in from Italy has been used for it’s altars, statures, pedestals, bishop’s throne, pulpit and even communion rail. Their stained glass windows alone are worth seeing are are considered by some to be the finest in the world. It has 75 different windows which is more than any other church in America. They were made in Munich, Germany at the Royal Bavarian Art Institute and it took 50 different artisans to make all the windows. If you love beautiful architecture then this would be a must see.