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Waring Food & Beverage Blender Review

If you are looking for a Waring Blender you will quickly discover that there are a vast variety to choose from, so you really need to know what you expect to do with your blender. Waring has been around since 1936 which is when the very first blender was introduced to the public for home kitchen use, so the Waring Blender basically is the standard for blenders. The one we chose to review here is the Waring MBB518 Food & Beverage blender. We chose this one because we wanted to review one of their blenders that processed both foods and beverages.

Waring Blender Has A Retro Look!

The first thing you will notice is how “retro” the Waring blender is, this is especially cool if your are really into “retro” and want to add a touch of class to your kitchen. You will like the look of this blender with its tall slender container and its old fashioned look with a plated metallic finish. Not only does this blender look great sitting on your kitchen counter but it works great as well You can take ice cubes and make crushed ice in just seconds. You’ll be amazed at the power and speed of this particular Waring blender.

Waring Blender: Sturdy & Heavy Duty

This Waring blender is also extremely sturdy so you don’t have to worry about damaging it and the lid to the container has within it a cap that you can conveniently use as a one ounce measuring cup. The lid also fits quite securely on the container. The container itself is made of extremely thick glass that has ridges so it won’t wobble while on its base.
Waring MBB518 Food & Beverage Blender, Stainless Steel (Get The Lowest Price Click Here)

Waring Blender: All In One Easy To Use

What makes the Waring blender model extremely popular especially with chefs is that there is no need for a food processor when it comes to making their favorite soups and creamy sauces. You can easily and quickly make a variety of different recipes with speed and ease. The blades of this blend whirl around quicker than most food processors as well. The blades of this blender are fixed to the base but don’t worry, there is no need take them off to be cleaned because these stainless steel blades and container are self-cleaning which means that all you have to do is take the lid off and wash it separately, making cleanup fast and easy.

Waring Blender: Commercial Quality For The Price Of Private Grade

This Waring blender is well made and produces commercial quality foods and beverages and will make you look like a wonder chef in your own kitchen. It helps you to blend, puree, sauce, chop, liquefy and much more with the greatest of ease which in turn cuts down on the time you have to be in the kitchen working.

As a proud owner of a Waring blender you will enjoy how easy it is to use and just how sturdy and long lasting this blender can be. Many owners of Waring blenders have had theirs for 10 years and beyond and they continue to work flawlessly just like the first day they were used.

Waring Blender: Great For Home And Commercial Use

Not only is this an excellent choice for a home chef in their own private kitchens but it can be ideal for the professional as well, especially when it comes to businesses that might specialize in homemade smoothies because the blades and speed of this blender are perfect for making some of the best blended smoothies. This particular blender is also an excellent choice to use as a bar blender in a professional or home setting.
Waring MBB518 Food & Beverage Blender, Stainless Steel (Get The Lowest Price Click Here)

Waring Blender: Commercial Grade Motor

For most people who have used one or own one of these Waring blenders they are amazed at the power of the commercial grade motor, how easy and fast its operation is, how sturdy the glass container is as well as how simple it makes it to use with its two speed function. This may not seem like a lot but this blender can do far more and far faster than some other blenders that have eight buttons. The simplicity of this blender is not just in its operation but in its overall look adding a touch of class to any kitchen counter top.

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Waring MBB518 Food & Beverage Blender, Stainless Steel (Get The Lowest Price Click Here)

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