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Review: Wilbur Curtis G3 Airpot Brewer 2.2L To 2.5L Twin/Standard Airpot Coffee Brewer Dual Voltage – Commercial Airpot Coffee Brewer

The Wilbur Curtis G3 Airpot Brewer is generally considered a commercial airpot brewer that you might see in a lot of smaller cafes and coffee shops and often can be found in offices of all kinds because of its reliability and ease of use. One of the nicest features of this Wilbur Curtis G3 Airpot Brewer is that it has a Precise Gourmet Control feature that helps the user be able to expertly brew premium gourmet coffee quite easily.

A really nice feature that this airpot brewer has is a nice built-in fine tuning brewing mode feature that offers pre-infusion or pulse brew which helps to enhance the extraction of great tasting gourmet coffee flavor. It has a great cold water brew lock out that keeps the airpot brewer from brewing when the water temperature is below the level that has been set. This particular commercial airpot brewer can be a huge part of any restaurant, hotel, other food service business as well as any office that wants to offer not only customers and clients good coffee but also their employees.

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This airpot brewer also has a nice digital control module that is enclosed in high-tech polymer and is basically impervious to moisture, heat and steam so there is no need to worry about anything damaging the control module. This Wilbur Curtis G3 Airpot Brewer is one that comes with a wonderful intuitive scroll through precision programming feature where you can program it to brew whatever type of gourmet coffee you want it to brew. It has a very large and brightly lit display that the user can see the different functions at an easy glance. You can easily adjust the time, the volume, the temperature of the water and other various brewing functions that you might want to adjust to make the perfect pot of coffee. This airpot brewer is extremely user friendly and is especially designed to work well for most food service professionals that are looking for an extremely reliable and easy to use airpot brewer.

No matter how busy one might be during the day, this airpot brewer ensures that you can program and brew great tasting coffee with trouble free operation for as long as you own this piece of equipment. It has a great portable design which helps to make this brewer extremely easy to transport should you need to move it to another location in your business or outside of your business. It doesn’t take up much counter space so this means that if the area that you need to install it is somewhat cramped you still should be able to put it where you need it without cutting down on any work space that you might need for other things.

Many people who have purchased this product have ended up having it in continual use for many, many years without ever having any kind of major issues come up with its productivity as well as its ability to continually produce a high quality and very good tasting cup of gourmet coffee.

Even if you are not in the food service industry you will find that this could be the perfect airpot brewer to add to any office break room that offers their employees coffee and if you are looking to provide yourself and your employees with great tasting gourmet coffee then this product more than likely will not disappoint and may in the long run save you money since it is very rare that the coffee brewed with this airpot brewer ever goes to waste.

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Some notes about this airpot brewer:

  • It produces five to eight gallons of brewed coffee per hour
  • Comes with two coffee carafes
  • Measures 26” H x 18.13” W x 17.25” D
  • Uses 1800/2800 W so it is powerful
  • Does need a dedicated water line and power supply
  • It is recommended that it be professionally installed

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