Black & Decker DCM600B 5-Cup Coffee Maker Product Review

Black & Decker DCM600B 5-Cup Coffee Maker Product Review

Black & Decker DCM600B

Although cheap (under $20) and compact in design, one would be surprised with the strength and quality of coffee or even tea Black & Decker DCM600B can produce. Black and Decker DCM600B is a great machine to have in apartments, homes and offices. Some people may have concerns whether such a small and inexpensive machine can brew properly or even get the water hot enough for the machine to brew coffee but all such concerns will be put to rest when one starts to use this machine.

Black and Decker coffee maker: Pros

The process to use Black and Decker coffee maker is as simple as it can get. The glass cup can hold 5 cups of coffee as mentioned besides the model number. On top of it is the removable filter basket in which coffee grounds can be placed inside wrapped paper filters or one can also use permanent filter. The side of machine visibly measures the amount of water in the tank. As the features of the Black & Decker DCM600B suggest that its very simple to use. Put water in the storage tank, insert wrapped coffee grounds in paper filter on top of the machine with the lid closed, put the glass cup in place and turn on the machine. Under 3-4 minutes, the machine does what it’s supposed to do and give medium strength coffee. Individuals wanting to grab a cup of nice coffee in a hurry will always appreciate the time this Black and Decker coffee maker takes and the great quality coffee it has to offer.

Black and Decker Coffee Maker: Cons

Since Black and Decker coffee maker is an inexpensive product therefore something bad happening with the machine is inevitable. Major concern is that some parts of the machine may stop working but as long as machine is under warranty then this problem can be minimized and is not a huge concern. Also the plastic in the machine has sometimes robbed the coffee of good taste as some users have pointed out this issue in their review. Also the machine brews only medium strength of coffee which will restrict its usage because of different preferences.

The Verdict: Black & Decker DCM600B Coffee Maker A Great Value For The Money!

Black & Decker DCM600B cofee maker uncluttered design and simple to use function will always attract many consumers despite its drawback. If one wants to just drink coffee and avoid any bells and whistles of the machine then this Black and Decker coffee maker would certainly be a choice of many. Of course there can many other options and improvements desired with this machine but considering it gives a decent coffee and that too under $20 is a fair bargain.

Black & Decker DCM600B Coffee Maker Customer Ratings

Black & Decker 5 Cup Coffee Maker Customer Ratings

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