10 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee

10 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee

10 Proven Health Benefits Of Coffee

Coffee Health Benefits

If you are an avid coffee drinker then you already know all too well just how bad a rap coffee sometimes gets, as far as being healthy, especially when it comes to health foods and those who will argue till they are blue in the face, that drinking coffee is really something that should be cut way back or maybe not even included in your diet. In fact for those who recommend that someone go on a health cleanse, coffee will generally be at the top of their list to be banished from their diet. So, your favorite beverage really gets singled out and may not be fair when it comes right down to. Although, if we drink far too many cups during the day, it has been linked with increasing one’s heart rate and the cortisol in our systems, which is our flight response hormone. However, too much of anything, no matter how good it might be for you can sometimes cause issues. But there are some health benefits of coffee.

So, with coffee being pointed at as not being good for us, those who do so and even coffee drinkers might be surprised at the fact that there truly are some surprising health benefits you get from that cup of “Joe” you drink each and every morning. These health benefits of coffee course are only going to show up however, if you do keep your consumption down to about three cups a day and well, sad to say give up the cream and sugar. I know, I know that’s hard for a lot of you. But on with breaking the myth that coffee has nothing to offer and onto some 10 proven health benefits of coffee.

10 Proven Health Benefits Of Coffee

10 Proven Health Benefits Of Coffee

Coffee Can Increase Memory

That’s right, one of the 10 proven health benefits of coffee is that coffee can actually increase your memory. There have been some studies that have shown that if a person drinks just two cups of java a day that you can actually strengthen both your long term and your short term memory. Researchers from the Radiological Society of North America discovered that if a person drinks two to three cups of coffee there was marked improvement in their short term memory and surprisingly enough the chance of lowering the risk of actually developing Alzheimer’s.

Proven Health Benefits Of Coffee - Depression

Coffee Can Help Prevent Depression

The next health benefit of coffee is that it has been shown that women who make a habit of drinking two or three cups of coffee on a daily basis turned out to be 15 percent less likely to end up being depressed, and those who drank four cups of coffee a day were 20 percent less likely to end up finding themselves depressed. This was a fascinating find in a report that was done and published in 2011 in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Coffee Can Boost Your Metabolism

We all know as coffee drinkers we feel we need that morning cup of coffee to kick start the day. Well, we are not too far off when we believe that way. The caffeine that many try to say is the bad guy in our coffee, actually turns out to be yet another health benefit of coffee. Coffee actually does have a link to boosting our metabolism which then in turn can actually help in weight loss. It is the chlorogenic acid that is found in coffee that can also be linked to lowering our glucose absorption, which means that the sugar that might build up in our bodies is flushed out easier.

Coffee Lowers risk of diabetes Proven Health Benefit of Coffee

Lowers Risk of Diabetes for Some

It seems that if there is a history of type 2 diabetes in a person’s family, they tend to have a higher risk factor of getting the disease themselves, however, for some people who drink coffee they can actually lower their risk by nearly 50 percent according to a few different medical journals. This is because of a polypeptide found in coffee that helps to prevent abnormal protein fibers from starting to develop, something that is common for those with diabetes. Who knew coffee health benefits included lowering the risk of diabetes.

Coffee Can Increase Endurance

Another proven health benefit of coffee is that it can increase your endurance. Along with the caffeine increasing our energy for the morning start, it is also known to increase one’s energy just before a workout and not only that it appears to also be able to strengthen a person’s endurance as well, making for a better overall athletic performance.

proven health benefits of coffee lowers parkinsons disease

Coffee Can Prevent Parkinson’s Disease

A study by the Journal of American Medical Association discovered that if a person drinks three cups of coffee that they could be lowering their risk of getting Parkinson’s by at least 25 percent. This is a proven health benefit of coffee that you simply can’t ignore.

Proven Health Benefits Of Coffee You Didnt know

Coffee Fights Gout

Another health benefit of coffee is that it contains anti-inflammatory agents in it as well. Those who drink coffee tend to have lowered levels in uric acid and for men, this is a good thing because it can help to prevent gout that is sometimes common in middle-aged men.

Coffee Is Filled With Anti-Oxidants

Coffee Is Filled With Anti-Oxidants

We continually hear how important anti-oxidants are in our diet, but those high on them never seem to mention coffee as one we should be including in our diets. But a study at Harvard discovered that coffee actually has higher levels of this anti-oxidants than most of the fruits and vegetables that we include in our diets. You can write this proven health benefit of coffee in your daily diet plans.

Coffee Helps With Breast Cancer

There have been a variety of studies around the world that have discovered that coffee can actually postpone the onset of breast cancer especially for those women who have a family history of it. This proven health benefit of coffee is truly a miracle for women.

10 Proven Health Benefits Of Coffee

Coffee Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer 

And finally, the last health benefit of coffee comes from a Harvard study that recommends that men who drink caffeinated or even decaf coffee show a lowered risk of getting prostate cancer.


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