3 of the worlds most exotic coffees

World’s Most Exotic Coffees Explained!

If you are looking for coffee that’s different from all the rest out there, it can be hard to find if you don’t know what you are looking for. There so many different coffees out there that this only adds to the confusion. However, if you are interested in some pretty exotic coffee which includes their taste and rarity here are 3 of the world’s most exotic coffees that you can buy.

Yemen Coffee

Yemen Coffee: Explained

All coffees that come from Yemen are exotic coffees that are very distinct and they are very highly praised by the coffee connoisseur as maybe being the best in the entire world.

Coffees that come from Yemen are exotic coffees that are the epitome of what is called a “wild cup” and they can even border on a little scary sometimes because of their incredibly deep earthy, very complex, and pungent flavor with some overlays of dried fruit like raisins, cardamom, dry cinnamon and sometimes even a hint of tobacco.

Yemen coffee is dry processed from wild coffee and raised traditionally without the addition of any kind of chemicals and it will take a brave palate to try this particular coffee out but once you do you just might fall in love!

kopi luwak indonesia coffee bean

Kopi Luwak Coffee: Explained

Kopi Luwak is not only the most exotic coffees around but it is also the weirdest and the most expensive in the world. This coffee does not come from Africa, South America or Jamaica but does come from Indonesia.

Those who drink this strange coffee claim that this coffee is made from those coffee beans grown in Indonesia that are eaten and then partly digested and excreted by the palm civet which is a weasel like animal. According to those who drink the coffee and those who harvest it the civet digests the soft outer layer of the coffee cherry but doesn’t digest the inner beans of the coffee and then excretes the beans.

The internal digestion of the little animal apparently ends up adding a unique flavor to the coffee beans and removes the bitterness of the beans. Once the beans are excreted the locals pick up the beans, wash them and then sell them. This coffee can cost up to $600 a pound and up to $50 per cup of coffee. Guess if you can get over the fact of drinking such a weird brew of coffee you can get over the price of the coffee as well!

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee: Explained

This particular type of exotic coffees is one of the most expensive coffees in the world and can be found costing nearly 20 times that of regular coffee.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is one that fits the perfect Island coffee profile with it’s balanced, rich and delicate flavor that is also quite mild to the palate. These exotic coffees come in wooden barrels instead of burlap bags like most other coffees come and most of those barrels go right to Japan who seems to be willing to pay the highest of premiums for the privilege of drinking this incredible tasting coffee that has a very distinct sweet aroma that goes along with the delicate and interesting flavor of this coffee.

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