Do You Know The Target Market For A Coffee Shop?

Do you know the target market for a coffee shop

Coffee Shop Target Market

If your interested in opening your own coffee shop then this post on Coffee Shop Target Market is something you don’t want to miss. Keep reading to find out why learning your coffee shop target market is so important.

The Importance Of Coffee Shop Target Market

For any kind of coffee lover there is nothing better than the wonderful smell of fresh brewed coffee. It can be at home, in the workplace or in a coffee shop. Believe it or not those who love coffee actually spend more than $30 billion a year on regular coffee and specialty coffees. If you are thinking about opening up your own coffee shop then you’ll want to make sure that you have a coffee shop that can cater to all the different types of coffee drinkers out there and not just one particular type.

If your thinking of starting your own coffee shop or already have a running coffee shop then you may want to check the following out:

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Do You Know The Target Market For A Coffee Shop?

Do you know your drip coffee lovers


Coffee Shop Target Market: Drip Coffee Lovers

Coffee Shop Target Market: According to recent research about 77% of all adults in the United States alone drink some sort of coffee on a regular daily basis. A lot of these coffee lovers actually prefer drip coffee so it is important that you make sure that your coffee shop has the right equipment to offer this type of coffee lover this kind of coffee. If you are wanting to draw in people from all economic ranges and age groups then you will want to make sure that you price you coffee at a reasonable price, especially for the drip style coffee. If on the other hand you only want to attract the upscale market then you can get away with charging more for your drip coffee.

quick Coffee facts

Coffee Shop Target Market: Coffee Shop Lovers

Since your business is an actual coffee shop then this is the main target market you want to focus on. These are the type of coffee lovers who spend time in a coffee shop or cafe where they can choose from a variety of different specialty beverages or regular coffee where the atmosphere is inviting. These are people who are not in a hurry and just want to grab a quick cup of java and be on their way. They prefer to sit and relax while drinking the coffee you’ve served them, perhaps have a little to eat with it and just enjoy the social atmosphere a nicely planned coffee shop has to offer. So it’s important that if this is your key target market that your coffee shop be set up in a comfortable and inviting manner.

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Coffee Shop Target Market: Specialty Coffee Lovers

Knowing your coffee shop target market – specialty coffee lovers is very important. There are always going to be those coffee lovers that won’t have anything to do with regular drip coffee or anything like it and if you want to also attract this kind of customer you will need to have the right equipment and coffee to be able to serve them what they want. This means you should be able to serve espressos, lattes, mochas and cappuccinos. These people love to have lots of extra ingredients put in their coffee and they will be willing to pay for it too. This is a fast growing market and is continuing to grow so it’s important that your coffee shop is able to bring them in and cater to them as well. Keep in mind just having high quality coffee beans is not enough. You need to have the right kind of coffee equipment. By the right kind of coffee equipment we mean commercial grade coffee equipment. If your new to the coffee shop business then you can find expert reviews of commercial grade coffee equipment here. These reviews include only the best and most popular commercial grade coffee equipment. You can click the following links to go to the coffee equipment your looking for: Commercial Coffee Machine ReviewsCommercial Espresso Machine ReviewsCommercial Coffee Grinder Reviews

Do you know whole bean lover - Coffee shop startup

Coffee Shop Target Market: Whole Bean Lovers

This is a group of coffee lovers that prefer to make their own coffee but will only do it with whole bean coffee. If you are interested in serving this type of customer as well this means that you need to have a variety of bagged whole bean coffee available for them to choose from. These are people who prefer to buy the beans, grind them at home so they can have the freshest coffee they can right in their own kitchens every morning. So make sure that you sell it by the pound in a variety of flavors from different regions and offer a good mix of Arabica and Robusta whole bean varieties for this type of coffee lover.

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Quick Facts About Coffee You Didn’t Know!

  • The second most sought after commodity in the world is coffee, Second only to crude oil.
  • 500 billion cups of coffee are drank every year worldwide.
  • 25 million people worldwide depend on farming for coffee for livelihood.
  • There are essentially only two type of coffee (Arabica & Robusta).
  • Over half of the population in America over the age of 18 drink coffee.
  • 75 percent of America’s caffeine intake source is coffee.
  • The fastest growing niche in the restaurant business are coffee shops.
  • Developing countries produce 90% of the worlds coffee.
  • Most coffee drunk per capita is in Finland.
  • Bonus: Coffee was associated with Satan worship in the past.

If your seriously thinking of starting your own coffee shop startup then it would be in your interest to check these in-depth, A to Z guides which will teach you everything there is to learn about starting your own coffee shop and being successful at it.

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