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Coffee Hair Color Ideas

Hair Color Ideas

When it comes to hair color and hair color ideas most people probably would never even consider that coffee can actually be used for hair color, hair rinse, or hair dye. In today’s world, many people are looking for more natural ways to enhance their beauty and this includes using natural products for different hair color ideas. This is where coffee comes into play when it comes to hair color. Truth be known, coffee has been used as a natural dye for hair color for a very long time.

Coffee A Natural Hair Color Dye

Coffee A Natural Hair Color Dye

If you are looking for hair color ideas to darken your hair, one of the most natural dyes one can use to darken hair is actually natural ground coffee. Coffee is one of those hair color ideas that is actually a gentle dye that leaves your hair with a really lovely healthy glow in the end.

Most Women Use Hair Color Dyes At least Once In Their Life-Time.

Most women have dyed their hair in their lives and some do it quite often. Some women will change their hair color more than once a year or at least keep it dyed every three months or so. Dyes can be really harmful if they are not composed of more natural ingredients. This is why it makes sense when it comes to hair color ideas that one might consider using a dye that contains healthy and natural compounds just like coffee.

Improve The Health Of Your Hair With Our Coffee Hair Color Ideas.

When you choose to use coffee as a hair color option you are actually helping to improve the health of your hair. By using dyes that contain natural ingredients as hair color ideas may not give a long lasting effect on your hair, but, at least by being kind to your hair it’s not going to damage it and often by using coffee as one option for hair color, you might even strengthen your hair over time.

National Cancer Institute Facts: Hair Color

Information from the National Cancer Institute tells us that there are often well over 5,000 different kinds of chemicals that can be used in hair color products. Many of these chemicals are now known to have carcinogenic elements in them. Something that makes hair color changes far less important taking care of yourself.

Coffee Used As A Hair Color Dye Has No Carcinogenic Compounds

If you are looking for hair color ideas, coffee would be one that would be a smart choice because it is totally natural and has absolutely no carcinogenic compounds in it. Instead it offers a variety of beneficial elements that your hair will love.

International Journal Of Dermatology: Coffee Used As Hair Color Dye Can Help With The Growth Of Hair.

You can make a very simple hair color dye from an all natural coffee mix. This is one of the more interesting hair color ideas that will give you the shine you are looking for, will give you a shade you may love and it also is said to help promote the growth of your hair. In 2007 it was discovered by the International Journal of Dermatology that coffee can really help the growth of your hair.

Seal In Your Hair Color With A Coffee Rinse

Not only can you use coffee as one of many different hair color ideas, you can also use it as an all natural coffee rinse for your hair. When you use a coffee rinse on your hair it is going to help you seal in your hair color. It’s extremely easy to make and to use and is a great compliment to the different hair color ideas you might choose to color your hair.

Hair Color Ideas: DIY - Coffee Hair Color Rinse

Hair Color Ideas: DIY – Coffee Hair Color Rinse

Here’s how you can use this simple rinse made with coffee. First you should shampoo your hair and then take some coffee you’ve had already brewed and pour it over your freshly shampooed hair. After you’ve done this let it stand for about twenty minutes. After that’s done just take some apple cider vinegar and rinse off the coffee. Once you’ve done that just rinse your hair with some warm water. If you don’t get the results you are looking for then just repeat the rinse process for several days in a row so the coffee has the chance to penetrate your hair.

Hair Color Ideas: DIY - Coffee Hair Color For Normal Hair

Hair Color Ideas: DIY – Coffee Hair Color For Normal Hair

If you are serious about natural hair color ideas and want to try using coffee as a hair color dye here is an example of a very simple dye for your hair:

This is one of the better hair color ideas that is very simple to make by using some very strong organic coffee, the best to use is espresso. Using coffee that’s not organic could contain some chemicals and this is not what you want. Once the coffee is brewed make sure to let it cool off. Once cooled off take and mix together two cups of any leave in “all natural” hair conditioner and two tablespoons of the coffee grounds and then one cup of the coffee you just brewed. Once mixed put the mixture on your hair and leave it on your hair for around an hour. This is one of those hair color ideas that will give your hair a shiny chocolate color that won’t damage your hair.

Hair Color Ideas: DIY - Coffee Hair Color For Gray Hair

Hair Color Ideas: DIY – Coffee Hair Color For Gray Hair

If you have gray hair and you’re looking for hair color ideas you too might want to consider using coffee as a natural way for you to cover up those annoying gray hairs. There are a lot of different recipes out there that offer different hair color ideas to pick from and here’s one of them that you might want to consider trying.

What’s Needed: Coffee Hair Color Dye

  • Large bottle of inexpensive hair conditioner
  • Tablespoon of instant coffee grounds
  • ¼ Cup hot brewed coffee
  • Plastic bag
  • Towel

How To Do It: Coffee Hair Color Dye

  • Take a half cup of hair conditioner into a cup and then add the tablespoon of instant coffee. Mix these two ingredients together until totally mixed.
  • Brew some strong coffee and add ¼ cup of the hot coffee into the hair conditioner coffee ground mix. Stir well and then let the mixture stand for about five minutes.
  • Put a towel on your shoulders to keep the coffee from dripping onto your clothes. Then take a little of your coffee mix and put it on dry hair. Continue doing this until all of your hair is covered. Massage the coffee dye into your scalp and hair for about two minutes.
  • Take the plastic bag and put it over your hair and tie it with a knot. This way you are creating heat and it will help the coffee work quicker. You should leave this mixture on for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • After this rinse the coffee dye off and shampoo your hair if need be to get rid of any extra coffee then rinse your hair again, rub it dry with your towel.

Just like that you’ve gotten rid of the gray with one of the simplest hair color ideas you can use, while keeping it all natural and organic by using coffee for coloring your hair. If you liked our “Hair Color Ideas: Color Hair With Coffee” then please support us by liking, sharing and following us.

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