7 Famous People in History Who Were Obsessed With Coffee

7 Coffeeholics Of History You Didn’t Know

Love coffee? Do you often think it’s your own private addiction and you might be going overboard sometimes? Well, believe it or not, you’re not alone with this obsession over coffee. There were some very famous people in history that were totally crazy over coffee and here are just a few of them that might surprise you.

Coffeeholic #1

Johann Sebastian Bach Coffee

Johann Sebastian Bach

Did you know that Bach was so obsessed with coffee that he actually wrote a short opera about coffee? Even though Bach was never known for his sense of humor, this opera has just got to bring a giggle to anyone who might hear it. The opera was called “The Coffeecantata” and one of the lines in it said, “Without my morning coffee, I’m just like a dried up piece of roast goat.” This cantata made a joke of the outcry that was starting to rise when the coffeehouse scene was growing in Vienna. In 1732, coffee was considered to be a dangerous social vice.

Coffeeholic #2

Ludwig Van Beethoven Coffee

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Beethoven was so obsessed with his coffee that he was said to count his coffee beans by hand to make sure that each cup of coffee contained no more and no less than 60 coffee beans.

Coffeeholic #3

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Franklin loved hanging out daily at coffeehouses in London and would tell his sister to send all his mail to one of his favorite coffee shops in London. He also was known to sell his own coffee beans and would never travel on a boat without having his own coffee with him.

Coffeeholic #4

Voltaire Coffee


You think you drink too much coffee every day? Well, Voltaire probably goes down in history as the most avid addicts of coffee drinking in history. It’s reported that he drank anywhere from 40 to 50 cups of java each day and his favorite was a mixture of chocolate and coffee. His doctor said that much of the brown beverage would kill him. Voltaire live well into his eighties!

Coffeeholic #5

Teddy Roosevelt Coffee

Teddy Roosevelt

Our 26th president loved coffee so much that he drank a gallon of it a day along with 5 to 7 lumps of sugar for each cup. He eventually moved to using saccharine in it, but still kept drinking the same amount.

Coffeeholic #6

Soren Kierkegaard Coffee

Soren Kierkegaard

Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher that was really particular about how his coffee was prepared. He would pile a mountain of sweetness into his cup first, then he would pour his black coffee over it to dissolve the huge amount of sugar. He also had a collection of 50 different styles of cups and would instruct his personal secretary to choose one and then asked that his secretary give him a good philosophical reason for picking that cup that particular day.

Coffeeholic #7

L Frank Baum Coffee

L. Frank Baum

The creator of the Wizard of Oz said that he relied on his daily morning coffee of at least five cups each day in order to make sure he got his creative juices flowing. He claimed that he loved his coffee to be strong enough to be able to “float a spoon on it without sinking”.

So, the next time you are worried about being obsessed over your cup of Joe, just remember that you are in good company!


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