Polar Animal Series Ice Cube Molds

Advance Ice Making System – Polar Animal Series Ice Cube Molds

Ever go out to a nice place for a drink and wonder why your drinks don’t seem to taste as good as the ones at the bar? Well, it could be because of the impact that the ice actually has on your drinks. Here’s a novel idea for making your drinks have more of an impact, ice cube molds. These Polar Animal Series ice cube molds will make any drink, the perfect drink. These are great for all drink lovers and extremely fun for those home parties.

Polar Animal Series Ice Cube Molds Review
Clear Ice mold marker – Polar Animals Series (PRICE & ORDER)

Crystal Clear Ice Every Time With Polar Animal Series

These unique little ice cube molds have a special patented design that is meant to separate the molecules of the water from any air bubbles and all impurities that might be found in your water. That alone can totally destroy the taste of your drink. The ice made from these ice cube molds are always crystal clear, no flavor and odorless.

Polar Animal Series Ice Cube Molds Price

Extremely Easy to Use

This Polar Animal Series ice cube molds are really easy for anyone to use and come out with perfectly cute ice cubes that will enhance the flavor and add to the fun. All you do is take the ice cube molds and add the water, put in your freezer for about 12 hours and then watch your friends get a kick out of their wonderful and cute polar animals.

Ice From the Future

The Ice Melts Slower

You’ll notice that the ice that comes from these ice cube molds in this Polar Animal Series actually melts slower. The nice clear ice in your drink tends to melt slower than regular ice cubes you are used to making and putting in your drinks. This is because there are no air bubbles in the ice cubes. The other reason why they melt slower is that they are round and not square regular cubes from the freezer. Both of these things help the ice keep your drinks colder and for longer.

Design Concept of These Ice Cube Molds

The design for these ice cube molds is the inspiration of the ice patterns that form naturally in lakes and rivers. This natural occurrence helped them to design a dual chambered system that is what separates the ice from the water’s impurities.

Regular ice trays let ice freeze from outside in and this causes the air to be trapped along with the impurities of the water and it all goes to the middle of the cubes. The Polar Animal Series Ice Cube Molds tends to insulate the sides of its tray but not the top. This means that only the surface of the water is going to be exposed and the water freezes from the top to the bottom.

Letting the water in these ice cube molds freeze more gradually and layer by layer the air and the water impurities are then compressed into the “white ice” lower compartment. This makes it extremely easy to be able to separate clear beautiful ice from the less attractive white ice and with no need of an ice chisel.

Polar Animal Series Ice Cube Molds For Sale

Tips for Using Polar Animal Series Ice Cube Molds

Freezing the water at the ideal temperature is going to help to make for more crystal clear ice and it’s recommended that one set the freezer at -0.4° F. It may take longer to freeze at this lower temperature a higher temperature can sometimes cause needle-shaped bubbles to formulate.

Make sure to let the ice tray rest anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes after you take it out of your freezer. This makes it easier to remove the ice from the ice cube molds.

Want to know where you can buy these futuristic ice cube molds? We’ve got you covered. Click the link below and get pricing/order information.

Clear Ice mold marker – Polar Animals Series (PRICE & ORDER)


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