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Espresso Gurus is dedicated to helping the coffee industry and spreading coffee culture around the globe. We strive to debunk common myths about coffee by doing in-depth research papers on coffee benefits. To help our struggle of fighting the bad rep coffee gets around the world Espresso Gurus is proud to announce our first scholarship program (Student Financial Aid).


*In order to be qualified for our scholarship program, your institute must have our financial program listed on their website. If your are applying please check if your college, university, institute has our our program listed with a link to this program on their website. If they do not then you will not be qualified for this scholarship program.

How do I get qualified for this scholarship if my educational institute does not have this program listed?

  • If your educational institute does not have our program listed and linked on their website then get your institute to do so. All they have to do is list our program on their website with this link:      Once they do this then simply send in your submission and also include the page url where your educational institute has linked to our program.

Who may apply?

  • Any current student may apply to our scholarship program.
  • Program Available For: Asia, Europe, North America

Aid Available?

  • Up-To $5000 Per-Year

How To Apply?

To apply: write a 1000 word paper on the current state of the coffee industry and its biggest roadblocks. Email your paper to (Formats accepted: Word Doc). Don’t forget to include your name, address, contact number and current e-mail we can reach you at. The applicant with the most insightful paper will earn the scholarship (Picked by a board of coffee industry experts). There are total of 3 scholarships worth a total of $15,000, available each year.

When will you receive financial aid if your chosen?      

If you’re chosen you will initially receive an email confirmation from Espresso Gurus. You must confirm your acceptance of the scholarship and provide your information before we can release the payment.

How many scholarships are available?

Each year Espresso Gurus awards 3 scholarships. Each worth $5000

Expiration Date: Dead line for 2018 awards is: Dec – 10 – 2018 | Scholarships are available until we inform you on this website. Once the dead line hits, We will start the same scholarship program again for new submissions on Jan – 4 – 2019.

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Disclaimer: Please read this before applying. Applying does not guarantee financial aid. Only applicants who Espresso Gurus qualifies will be awarded financial aid through our scholarship program.

Espresso Gurus ( & It’s owner does not guarantee you will get financial aid (Scholarship) simply by applying. After your application has been sent and  you do not hear anything from us within 90 days, most likely you did not qualify for our scholarship. Espresso Gurus reserves the full right to award our scholarship to whomever we qualify through our process. You can not make any claims against Espresso Gurus ( or (Its Owner) for any reason what so ever. If you do not agree with this statement please do not apply. By applying you will signify your acceptance of the above statement and that you will not hold Espresso Gurus ( or it’s owner responsible for any reason whatsoever.
Espresso Gurus – Can choose to award either all three scholarships or none per year at our own discretion. It is only when we qualify an applicant will they be awarded a scholarship. If we do not find a single qualifying applicant we will move onto our next round of applicants next year. We will not provide information of the winners of our scholarship and we reserve the right to end this program at any time without prior notice. If you decide to apply Espresso Gurus ( or its owner can not be held liable for any reason in court of law.