The Best Coffee Shop In Michigan Revealed

The best coffee in Michigan Black Owl Cafe

Review: Best Coffee In Michigan

So what are the factors that lead to becoming the best coffee company in the entire state? The answer to this question can be somewhat complicated since some might think that it’s all about how reasonable the price is and for others it can be about the convenience or experience factor. But before reaching the verdict on the best coffee shop, one has to analyze the customer reviews, sample the coffee and specialty drinks and interview the owners, managers and baristas. And doing all this made Black Owl Café as the number one coffee provider in Michigan.

At Black Owl Café it’s all about fun. They are absolutely passionate about sharing their intense enthusiasm for coffees and teas. All their coffees are roasted precisely in small batches with their probat coffee roaster which is located in Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. Black Owl staff knows about the importance of learning about the distinct characteristics of each coffee variety. That’s why people at Black Owl put significant amount of effort to conduct roasting with the intent to bring out the unique and pleasing characteristics of each coffee. Not only coffee but also tea is made with a unique method that involves handpicking organic Michigan fruits which add local flavor to their blends. Before the products are placed into their in-house designed packaging, they are all treated with extra special care.

Besides coffee and espresso, the winter beverages of Black Owl have also been favorites of customers. Best in Michigan is their Chai Latte which costs $3.75 of 16 oz. and is a house-made blended chai tea which carries 14 raw ingredients with just the right balance of sweetness and spice, steamed with customer’s choice of milk. Then there is the Real Mint Americano which costs $3.75 for 16 oz. which is a double-shot Americano made with organic peppermint tea rather than hot water. It is naturally sweet and is considered the best of both worlds! Their Café Miel which costs $3.75 of 16 oz. is also quite popular which is espresso blended with local MI honey, just a dash of cinnamon and customer’s choice of steamed milk.

Anyone entering Black Owl Café would admire the interior which features reclaimed wood throughout the building and even in the bathroom. It is considered a work of art with vintage black and white photographs, wood frames, mirrors and owls. It is recommended that all coffee lovers must visit their café if they are nearby.