The best Coffee Shop in Indiana Revealed

Indiana's best coffee, Calvin Fletcher's Coffee

Review: Indiana’s Best Coffee

Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company opened its doors to the public on September 30, 2009 and up till now it has achieved the best coffee status according to business insider. It’s one of the very few coffee companies that donate its proceeds to other local nonprofits in Indianapolis. Perhaps besides their coffee, this factor is also a reason that makes customers feel good in drinking their beverages.

James Coffee roasters are reported to sell their fair trade and organic coffee beans to Calvin Fletcher which has used Jameson’s coffee beans exclusively since Calvin’s opening. It’s been a wonderful partnership up till now. Some of the special features about Calvin Fletcher’s coffee is that its beans are always medium roasted. Some famous coffees served by them are Fletcher Place Blend (costing $1.59 per 12 oz.) which has an amazing body, bright acidity and some sweet aromatic tones. The second is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (costing $1.59 per 12 oz.) whose specialty is outstanding floral notes with slight touch of lemon and vibrant acidity and a nice creamy body. And lastly, the Ethiopian Harar (costing $1.59 per 12 oz.) which also has rich wild blueberry notes with spicy undertones. Anyone preferring a decaf will be provided with hand grind of Peruvian Swiss Water Decaf cup which has a nice dark chocolate undertone without the caffeine. Calvin Fletcher has also got medium roast of espresso beans called Mexican Chiapas which is bright and has sweet acidity with normal body. These are some of the features of Calvin Fletcher’s best coffee and their recipes are one of a kind.

Valhalla Java Ground Coffee by Death Wish Coffee Company, Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic – 12 Ounce Bag

Other wonderful things about Calvin are that it’s always jammed pack and positive customer reviews are always bursting in on daily basis. Anyone new in Indiana searching for a great coffee with a purpose would mostly find Calvin Fletcher coffee company amongst the best. Also the purpose behind setting up Calvin is pretty amazing and that to make a place where people could come together and develop loving relationships. The owner didn’t want large profits but great friendships development and hence thought the idea of a coffee shop where people would drink great coffee and develop great friendships and built a better community. The owner’s son is the genius behind the success of the company and has developed a variety of recipes for great espressos. Their future plans are pretty inspiring in which they plan to buy a van with coffee-making equipment and take it to places where people have less access and income to great coffee.