The Best Coffee Shop In Pennsylvania Revealed

Philter Coffee Shop Ranked The Best Coffee Shop In Pennsylvania

Philter Coffee Ranked The Best Coffee Shop In Pennsylvania, Find Out Why?

For quite some time now Philter Coffee has been the best coffee shop in Pennsylvania. Philter Coffee in Kennett Square made its splash in December 2013. The owner of this place is a Philadelphia expatriate, Chris Thompson. This coffee café takes a craft method to preparing filter and espresso coffees. Philter coffee shop is known for one thing and that is genuinely delicious coffee.

A Philter, from the Old French philtre means “a magic potion which can make a person fall in love”. The coffee shop’s unique name and its brewing process make Philter different than the average coffee shop. Chris’s specialty is “pour over coffee” which is a Japanese method. It is a manual brewing process which requires a complex funnel system allowing water to dribble over coffee very slowly. In this way more flavour can be extracted. Not only is this method delicious, it is also interesting to watch! But, one must know that this is a time consuming method which needs patience. Chris aims to offer four poured-over coffees each day. Every coffee has a unique profile and flavour. This coffee shop also offers regular coffees for those who need to grab their caffeine and go.

Philter Coffee Shop Pennsylvania

Philter Coffee Pennsylvania Ideal Cafe

Philter Coffee Shop: Atmosphere is the aim

With its calm atmosphere, modern interior and brilliant coffee menu, Philter coffee is the type of coffee shop you’d expect to find in America. This place is located perfectly in downtown Kennett. Climb its single step, push its heavy door and you’ll be greeted by the sound of a little bell, the espresso smell and the smile of a gentle barista. It is a charming local coffee shop. You know when you walk through the door you just sense that the owner of this place is a local and passionate business owner and it shows the quality of product. The staff is super inviting and helpful. It has a friendly and unassuming atmosphere. The coffee selection is wide and brewing is extraordinary. If you are very particular about your coffee then you are definitely going to love this little coffee shop. It is the perfect place to meet friends for coffee and a snacks.

Ideal Coffee Shop

This place is idyllic. The variety of coffee here can please almost anyone. The service and taste excellence are spot on. There is always a constant stream of customers coming in and out. It is a coffee shop you don’t want to miss when visiting Kennett square. Like coffee, this place is also addictive.

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Philter Coffee Shop, Pennsylvania: Short Video Introduction to Philter Coffee