The Best Coffee Shop In Montana Revealed

Fire Tower Coffee

Review: Montana’s Best Coffee – Fire Tower Coffee

Fire Tower Coffee House is home to some really fine-crafted coffee which is fresh roasted at the café. Considered as the best coffee provider of Montana State, Fire Tower is located in the heart of downtown Helena and is also found in the hearts of coffee lovers as well. They have the unique distinction of roasting and serving up top-of-the-line coffee at their location for more than 10 years and counting. Their success has brought them an expanding wholesale business and office coffee programs.

Firetower’s educated artisan roasters target exactly what the customers want and that is “excellent fresh roasted Coffee”. Unlike other coffee shops, Firetower has never compromised on quality to select cheap beans in order to make more profits. They believe that if they keep serving delicious coffee then they won’t have to worry about profits. And their coffee is never short of high quality, single origin custom blends that would, in most cases, never leave anyone disappointed which include the discriminating coffee drinkers.

Some of favorite beverages from the barista bar are espresso (costing $1.85), macchiato served with espresso marked with foam (costing 2.25), cappuccino served with espresso and foamed milk(costing$ 2.75), breve (costing $3.5) and many more. Additional shot, flavor, soy and whipped cream can be added according to preferences with marginal cost.

The iced section of beverages has also got some marvelous taste. Iced coffee costing $2.05 can easily lighten up anybody’s day. Their Java Sundae is quite popular as well which costs $2.95 and is served with espresso over ice cream with chocolate and caramel. It’s one such drink that anyone would find it difficult to drink in more than one gulp. It’s so tasty that anyone would want to drink it quickly.

Besides great coffee, FireTower serves great lunch too. Their Smoked Turkey(costing $8.05) is really delicious which is served with tender smoked turkey, provolone, tomato, lettuce and apricot mayo. They also have the Garden Patch (costing $7.05) which includes tomato, Provolone, Cucumber, Lettuce, Black olives and pesto.

In the beans section, their Brazilian Severino has been making headline which is grown on the slopes of the volcanic mountains in the Sierra Madre. It is full-bodied and deliciously balanced with a touch of spice. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is also another popular retail coffee which is an exquisite offering from the country where the coffee tree was first discovered. It’s a hard to describe drink because of its complexity.