The Best Coffee Shop in Louisiana Revealed

Louisiana's best coffee spitfire

Review: Louisiana’s Best Coffee

The name “spitfire’ may suggest that the founders are furious about their coffee but in fact it’s the complete opposite and being declared as the number one coffee in Louisiana has actually humbled them on all occasions. Spitfire is located in New Orleans and anyone stopping here on a trip would find French Quarter, Bourbon Street and Café Du Monde to be very amusing. But Spitfire coffeehouse is another place that matches their attraction. It is situated near Jackson square and is an exquisite place to grab a hand-crafted espresso drink. But grabbing here means literally grabbing as the place is small and jam packed most of the times. One would find only four barstools with a small counter along the wall. Charm and brightness are brought inside the coffeehouse by the door and window to the small space.

If one steps up to the counter then the barista will welcome him/her with absolute courtesy. Customer service is like an art to them which they take it seriously. The main menu is just like any other great coffeehouse in the state which includes all kinds of espresso drinks (with soy and almond milk), cold brew and even café au lait. But then they also have pour over/hand brewed coffee to surprise most people coming there which comes from a number of different regions. Also they’ve got excellent quality beans from local roasters to add value to their business. Iced Vanilla latte and honey almond milk latte is the talk of the town and a must-try for all the newbies and coffee lovers. Both beverages are made smooth and delicious and the barista is in no hurry to make this special beverage of spitfire.

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Spitfire is not alone in their conquest and has Panther, Crema, extracto, Passion House, Coava, Beanfruit and hey café as their roasting partners. The essential function of roasting is to transform the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans into roasted coffee products. In short, it is the roaster that brings the unique and delicious taste to the coffee. Therefore spitfire owe their roasting partners a lot since it is because of them which helped spitfire climb the higher echelons of coffee business.

Spitfire has this amazing calmness in their ambience even in jammed packed days. Simply consider every coffee lover sold that tries the delicious beverages of spitfire and non-residents of Louisiana would surely have a great reason to come back to this great state.