The Best Coffee Shop in Utah Revealed

Alchemy coffee ranked best coffee shop in Utah

Alchemy Coffee ranked the best coffee shop in Utah, Find Out Why?

It is always enjoyable to go to a quiet little coffee house with a lovely patio, gorgeous indoor seating, view of mountains and lavish vegetation. Alchemy is unquestionably the best espresso craft in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is an instrument for community, art, and theater. Alchemy Coffee is owned by Jason Briggs. When its owner was asked how Alchemy coffee started? He said the shop initiated as “artists trying to be business people and create community”. Later in an interview, he referred to the shop as his “Magic Lovechild.”

Best of both worlds: Cafe & Restaurant

Alchemy is a great little coffee shop. It is a small coffee cafe that is connected to a restaurant. This restaurant opens at 11 am. Alchemy is very well decorated and has a homey feel. The baristas are very polite, friendly and active. They help to pick the best coffee.

It serves exceptional coffees. They have an Alchemy Family link to a coffee farm, Puna Moon, which is on the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii. There they grow, pick, process and roast coffee. Alchemy serves Hawaiian coffee on the weekends. It also has beans to buy in bulk along with the coffees it serves.

2 locations in Salt Lake City

Alchemy Coffee presently has two locations in Salt Lake City. Their flagship store is situated near Sugarhouse and a site on Capitol Hill. Alchemy is also coming to Ogden’s Jefferson-Historic Trolley District soon. They are planning of doing all of their roasting at the new location. This will truly be the first to roast on-site in downtown Ogden.

It is a friendly coffee shop in Salt Lake City. It serves a wide range of perfectly roasted beans. It also has a delightful variety of salads, soups, sandwiches, pastries and smoothies to choose from. Their soups, salads and sandwiches are all home-made. They have options for everyone. Vegan, organic, gluten-free, fat-free, carnivorous, decaf. You name it and they have it.

Alchemy is the home of the $1 mug of coffee. They also give discounts for bringing your own mug. The Cubano con leche is their best espresso. It is a marginally sweetened very nicely pulled espresso with little steamed milk. It is caramelly, toasty and creamy. It truly is Alchemy.

Other Benefits Of Alchemy Coffee Shop

Free Wi-Fi is also available in Alchemy.
Pleasing songs & vibes for working, studying or relaxing.
The best part is that dog treats and water are always available to your 4 legged friends.

A great place with great staff and great coffee. No wonder Alchemy takes the top spot in Utah for the best coffee shop.

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Alchemy Coffee Shop – “Land of Zion” Video