The Best Coffee Shop In Maryland Revealed

best coffee in Maryland Rise Up coffee roasters

Review: Maryland’s best coffee

Rise Up may be a small-batch and independent coffee retailer and roaster operating since March 2005 but it hasn’t deprived them of the number one brand in Maryland coffee business according to the business insider. Rise Up, as the name may suggest, originated from an excellent strategy which combined ambition with circumstance. The owner Tim Cureton, although a passionate coffee worker, may not have expected such growth in his coffee business that led to a life changing coffee experience while traveling home from the Peace Corp service.

One of the most inspiring things about Rise Up coffee is that they began their coffee journey as a coffee trailer in a parking lot that evolved into three attractive locations and an employer to over thirty amazing staff members. Rise Up also opened a coffee roastery in Easton, MD. In a former gas station that was built in the 1920’s. The philosophy behind it was to engage and captivate and this is something which many coffee lovers will surely appreciate.

Great coffee don’t just pop out due to hard work and commitment. Rise Up knows this and they applied the meaning of their name and created a philosophy to be their beacon. The philosophy is simple which is to “keep it artisan”. Rise Up owes a great deal to the farmers who grow their coffees. It is fortunate enough to roast great coffee because of the skillful farmers who take pride in their excellent work. By staying committed to the time-honored craft of artisanal coffee roasting, Rise Up goes at length to support them with every means necessary.

Rise Up proudly serves only organic coffees, as coffee is the third most pesticide-doused crop in the world. The coffee they receive comes from the finest growing regions in the world. One such coffee is their Organic House Roast which costs $15 for 12 oz. and is full bodied with hints of sweet caramel and chocolate. One can guesstimate the success of this coffee by knowing that this blend is served to almost 1500 customers daily in its four retail outlet in the state. It is their signature recipe which represents the amazing growing regions of Indonesia and Central and South America. Another Blend by the name of Organic French Roast which costs $15 for 12 oz. which is a big rich aroma and dark strong character has been coffee lover’s favorite for quite some time now.