The Best Coffee Shop in Washington Revealed

Compass coffee ranked the best coffee shop in Washington

Compass coffee ranked the best coffee shop in Washington, Find Out Why?

How about starting your day off right and making sure it keeps going in the right direction? An amazing cup of coffee will do that. Compass Coffee Shop is devoted to making really good coffees. Nothing fancy, nothing too hard or crazy to phonate. Just simple and great coffee from the best ranked coffee shop in Washington .

Two Marine palsunited over coffee and decided to pour the Semper Fi enthusiasm into serious beans roasted and blended in their Shaw shop. Compass is situated on 7th street in historic Shaw neighbourhood. It started here in 2014. They opened second location in The Shay and have a big café in the works for Ivy City. The two buddiesinspire customers to hang out as long as they want and sip java while enjoying the free Wi-Fi.

Some places grow coffee so distinctive that they stand on their own. Compass is one of them. They work with some of the world’s best coffee buyers. They use the most uniquely tasty beans the earth can produce. These beans are peak roasted for maximum perfect flavour.That is why they succeed in making the bestcoffee in the area.

Compass comes from the minds of two former Marines.You will frequently find them in their lab busy in perfecting their next blend. From their signature blends and espresso drinks to the layout and atmosphere of thecafé everything is exceptional. Compass is a modern, airy and industrial café/roasterythat offers amazing coffees, espresso, pastries, sandwiches & more.

Compass has pretty ample seating (30+) including comfortable couches.The interior is modern and charming that matches their other locations.
And freeWi-Fi is available here, which is a shocker compared to other coffee shops in Washington. The staff is very polite and helpful with a clear passion for coffee. You really cannot go wrong in Compass because they make some great coffee.

Compass serves high quality products. They sell their beans too! Their coffee is delish. Presently, there are nine blends planned.They even offer a nitrogen growler infused cold brew. They have a wide variety of coffees, espressos, sandwiches etc. If you want an indulgent drink, try their Nutella Mocha. It is as good as it sounds. You can also find kolache there on weekends. Dig the hibiscus tea too. The food is also great for a light snack. They make nice and fluffy croissants.

Stop in here for a quick drip of one of their excellent blends, or for an extended experience and you will also be forced to rank Compass as the best coffee shop in Washington.

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Compass Coffee ranked the best coffee shop in Washington: Coffee Quality Video

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