The Best Coffee Shop in West Virginia Revealed

The Grind ranked the best coffee shop in West Virginia

The Grind Coffee ranked the best coffee shop in West Virginia, Find Out Why?

The Grind Coffee in West Virginia has just one goal in mind and that is to uplift the coffee culture in WV to compete with major metropolitan cities.The Grind is a great way to start your day. Coffee here is treated as a science. No wonder The Grind has been ranked the best coffee shop in West Virginia.

It was opened in 1993. It has since switched the ownership but, stayed true to its roots. Now Rich is the new owner and is excellently running the place.The new administration has added a variety of salads, soups, and muffins/scones that are baked in house, instead of being bought. It is a great little local coffee café.  They serve a solid light or dark roast coffee in addition to light and dark espresso. Some of their drinks are bathed with real maple syrup which makes them flavorsome.

Coffee shop with lots to offer

As you walk in this little shop you can tell this is undeniably a staple in Morgantown. It has wonderful location and great atmosphere. Free Wi-Fi is available plus cheap parking right around the corner.Though the place is not very impressive, but their wonderful coffee, sandwiches and muffins really can’t be beat. The baristas here are very well-mannered and they have some great skills. They know what they do and are very good at it.

Not just a coffee shop but more

Not only they offer the best coffees in town, they serve amazing sandwiches for lunch and incredible scones & muffins. They have yummy chai. For the lactose intolerant or vegan they also offer soy milk options in lattes.  They have the best coffee in Morgantown. You can either get a dark roasted iced coffee or a light roast drip coffee. Their Maple Latte is out of this world. It is well crafted and is sugared with local West Virginia maple syrup and powered by two espresso shots. Their lunch sandwiches are filling and tasty. They are available from 11 to 3. Some great sandwiches are the Popeye (chicken salad) and the Seawich (tuna salad). The sandwiches are good and affordable too. Their scones are freshly baked and have a very unique flavor.

The Grind is one of the most celebrated coffee shops in WV. The experience of
their well-crafted coffees and freshly home baked muffin is extraordinary. It is undoubtedly the best and is a great spot for a caffeine fix.  The Grind knows their work and are very honest to it.

The Grind in a nutshell: they welcome you, caffeinate you, feed you and inspire you. An hour here is good for the soul. There is no doubt The Grind is truly the best coffee shop in West Virginia.

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