The Best Coffee Shop in Rhode Island Revealed

New Harvest Coffee And Spirits Ranked Best Coffee Shop In Rhode Island

New Harvest Coffee & Spirits Ranked The Best Coffee Shop In Rhode Island, Find Out Why?

If you want to start your day with a great espresso and finish up with a single malt scotch, if you’re looking for something to help you relax, New Harvest Coffee & Spirits has you covered.  Initially it was located in a hut on the site of the old Washburn Wire factory in Rumford, Rhode Island. Then it was started in 2000 by Rik Kleinfeldt and Paula Anderson in Pawtucket RI. It brings great coffee to real people.

In 2007, they started building their Source Direct program by visiting different coffee farms in South and Central America. Their goal was to connect directly with small farms that prepared great coffee and make long-term relationships with growers. As skilled roasters, they connected with small producers so that they can develop the highest quality coffee. New Harvest is famous for doing all their roasting and storage of beans. They do some classes for simple barista skills learning.

A Mixture Of Chaotic & Peaceful Atmosphere

Their setup is quite good with chaotic mix of commercial and folksy corner store vibe. Their customer service is also very pleasant. They have got coffee and whisky, alone or together. They have a full range of single origin and New Harvest blended coffees, decaf and caffeinated teas, along with a rotating cast of whiskies from all over the world. Are you running out of coffee beans at home? New Harvest can help. They offer a selection of single origins, blends plus light, medium, and dark roast levels.

Hybrid Coffee & Whiskey Drinks Available

This coffee shop is a hybrid coffee/whiskey bar serving its own brand of java which iscorrectlysourced and roasted just a few miles away. With its rounded wood-and-metal bar, counter chairs, cozy tables and soft lighting, the space shifts well from caffeinated to chilled-out as the day progresses. They have bold coffee roasts, variety of teas and specialty espresso drinks. This place is undoubtedly a go to coffee spot in Providence. The atmosphere is perfect and the employees are kind and educated. Hereexcellence is served in a cup.

Star of the show: “Whisper Espresso” Drink

They serve great espressos. One of their famous and delicious espressos is ‘Whisper Espresso’. It is a light roasted seasonal espresso blend served as espresso or as drip coffee for a pleasant and vibrant flavour experience. New Harvest is a great spot for coffee, wine, and cocktails. They have lots of outlets, free Wi-Fi, and a decent amount of seating. It is a much recommended place.

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